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31 May 2010 @ 09:53 pm
Rules are under the cut.

1. Please be respectful of other people and other viewpoints. Be polite. If you disagree, keep it civil, or don't say it at all.

2. Please use correct capitalization. Capslock is okay in moderation, but be mindful that you use it when it's appropriate, and not to rage at other people. dOn'T tOgGle PlEaSe.

3. Please use correct spelling, to the best of your ability. We're not going to ban you or even reprimand you for misspelling a word, but try to include your vowels, (for exmpl, dnt typ lyk ths,) and keep chatspeak down to an occasional "lol."

4. Follow all of the rules of the contests. If something is unclear, feel free to ask a question. We reserve the right to disqualify entries that do not follow the rules. We'll try to let you know if there's a problem before the deadline, but we can't promise that we'll be able to.

5. Please listen to the moderators. If you feel like something is unfair or doesn't make sense, feel free to explain what you think in a calm, respectful way, but don't argue once your opinion has been heard and a decision has been made.

6. Keep it about PG-13, please.

7. Don't berate team members for not entering challenges. If their lack of participation becomes a problem, the team leader will take care of it.

8. Come on, fhqwhgads.

9. Remember we're all trying to have fun here, so please keep the competition friendly. This means no team bashing, name-calling, etc. It's okay to joke around, just be careful that we can tell you're joking.

10. If you have a problem, go to a mod. If it's within your team, try your team leader. If it's bigger than that, try [info]studyofrunning or [info]crumplysnorkack.

11. We reserve the right to punish you for breaking these rules. That includes disqualification from a competition, reduction of points, or temporary or permanent ban.

12. There are quite a few fandoms that already have their own land comms. (See our affiliates here for a nearly-comprehensive list.) While you are not forbidden to enter challenges with those fandoms, we ask that you do so with some restraint, as we do not want to encroach too much on their territory. So it's okay to use Firefly or Doctor Who every so often, but please don't use the same fandom every time if there's already a land comm for it. You won't be punished if you do, but we might post/PM a reminder if it becomes an issue.

13. When making new posts, use the default setting of "members only" unless told otherwise by a mod.