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31 May 2010 @ 09:53 pm
Rules are under the cut.

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29 May 2010 @ 05:21 pm
What is Awesometopia? (Short introduction to land comms.)Collapse )

Fandoms and our Spotlight. (How Awesometopia works with no single fandom.)Collapse )

How to join Awesometopia

You have to apply. Otherwise the team system would break. Randomly watching or requesting to join our communities is pointless and will not make you a member. Our challenges are all flocked and community membership is only given to people who've applied.

1) Fill out the form at our sign-up post.

2) Wait for a mod to assign you a team.

3) Once we've done that, you will need to join and watch the following communities:

You need to join all the challenge communities, but it's up to you which ones to watch. There are three challenge communities:

We also have two optional communities, which you're strongly encouraged to join and watch:

  • at_spotlight for watchalongs, discussions, and fandom-specific challenges to go with our weekly fandom spotlight.
  • at_tenforward is our social community. It belongs to you. You can post anything relevant to awesometopia here.

4) Get to know your team. Each team has its own leader. They're all run a bit differently. Look around in your team comm and see if there are any important posts you should read.

5) Start entering challenges!

Take a look at at_awesomet, at_newnewyorker, at_wondersquare, and/or at_spotlight and see what the current challenges are. Then jump right in. The challenge posts themselves have instructions.

6) Get help from your team. You can use your team comms to post hints, tips, tutorials, and inspiration. (Just don't go too far. Doing the challenges for each other -- like by posting all the answers to a game -- is usually against the rules.) If you're stuck on a challenge, make a post for it in your team comm.
29 May 2010 @ 05:18 pm
If you'd like to affiliate with awesometopia, leave us a comment. Tell us what your community is, and what it has in common with awesometopia that would make it a good affiliate.


drwholand, a land comm for Doctor Who.
fic_rush, a monthly weekend of fic-writing.

Under the cut, our list of other land comms.Collapse )
29 May 2010 @ 07:00 pm
Before you apply, please make sure you have read the rules, intro and FAQ. Thank you!

Our Teams: The team you choose does not at all affect the fandoms you will be able to use in challenges. It's just a name.

Teams at awesometopia are a bit different from teams at other land communities. Though they do have rough thematic equivalents, they're mostly pretty random. In an awesome way, of course. See if you can pick one.

Team Rocketgeese: Roughly equates to the theme of sci-fi.

Team Dragons: Roughly equates to the theme of fantasy.

Team Piratefish: Roughly equates to the theme of everything else that is holy geeky.

Application: Copy and paste the application below and post yours to this entry. You should hear back from us within a few days, though it may take as long as a week if we're busy.

When you get a response, please make sure to check and accept your invites.